Physical and chemical characteristics of soils from the landslide areas of Abuyog, Leyte

DSC09705Jorge P. Cabelin* and Beatriz C. Jadina, 2013 *(


The steep and unstable topography of Abuyog, Leyte and recent landslide occurrences in the area particularly in Canmarating and Tadoc justifies the need for soil characterization of the landslide areas of the place. This research was conducted to determine the physical and chemical properties of soils from the landslide areas in Abuyog,  Leyte and relate these to landslide occurrences.  Two landslide cuts from different sites were evaluated using representative soil profiles which were examined in the field and sampled for the analysis of physical properties including particle size distribution, bulk density, particle density, total soil wet density, porosity, field capacity and water holding capacity, hydraulic conductivity, Atterberg limit and some chemical properties including pH, organic matter content, cation exchange capacity, and exchangeable sodium content.

Soils from the two landslide areas in Abuyog, Leyte generally have clayey texture, low bulk density, high total soil wet density, average particle density, porosity, moderately high saturated hydraulic conductivity, high liquid limit, and plastic index with very strongly to moderately acidic pH, high organic matter in surface and low at subsurface layers, moderate CEC and exchangeable Na.

Keywords: landslide, physical, chemical, plastic limit, Atterberg limit


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